Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Bee

I have been working and working the past two days on a variety of things. The first picture is of a bag that I made from an old pair of my jeans and an old pair of my husband's. One of my friends has a bag like that and I would always admire it at church until she moved away, so now I have one of my own.
The next two pics are the advent calendars that I have been working on for so long; the holes in the top are for ribbon (but I won't put that on until the sealer is totally dry). The magnets that I posted a few days ago go on here - there are 24, so you put one on each day starting on December 1.

And the final thing is a Valentine's banner that I made from stiff felt and ribbon. I got the idea HERE.

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Ben and Jade said...

Ahhhh ... if I'd known you liked the bag, I would have given you mine. I've never liked it much. Actually, my mother gave it to me because a lady at work gave it to her, and SHE didn't like it. So this beautiful bag has been wasted on TWO of us. I must say, though, it is awfully handy. I think yours is adorable. Good work.