Sunday, February 14, 2010

Purse & Superhero Capes

Here is my new purse! I used a Simplicity pattern, and I really like it. It turned out great!, and I was surprised at how big it was, but that's okay. So far I have managed not to pack it too full.

And here are some superhero capes I made for a birthday party next month. The Batman is on the back of the boys', with Superman on the other side. And the crown is on the other side of a Supergirl. They are super cute! You can find a tutorial HERE.


Melissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS I love that purse man.
Love it.
So how come you've made so many capes?
Birthdays for the fam?
Love them.
Can you help me to make that purse?
Or is it really hard?

Super Angie said...

The capes are adorable!!!! One of my life goals may be to make some. And I don't even sew!