Monday, January 10, 2011

Skiing Cake

Happy birthday, Grandpa!  
Since he loves to ski, I thought that a huge ski hill would be the order of the day.
I'm not so good at figuring out how to format these photos once I've got them in place...too impatient with it, I guess.  So here we go, from the bottom layer to the top.

An audience at the bottom, one backwards snowplow, a horrible crash, and a safe arrival.

This boarder is ready for some ramp action.

Heading off the jump.

The bottom layer is rainbow cake.  I took a white cake mix, divided it up into as many bowls as the different colors I put in (in this case, 5).  Then my daughter told me where to put each color and in what order.  It's delicious!

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The Crandizzles said...

So cute Missy! Way to go!