Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magnet Board & Yo Yos

I finished my new magnet board - I made one last fall with the help of a lady in my ward, and when she was getting ready to throw out the leftover metal, I went and picked up 2 more pieces - one you can see below as the Cool Summer Days board. This one I plan to use for FHE so we don't have to hold the pictures that go with the lesson, and also use flannelboard figures on it (but since it's metal and uses magnets, I can LAMINATE the figures - woot!). I am pretty excited. Plus, it was not very expensive: $5 for the frame (1/2 off from Michaels), free a/c metal, hot glue, metal cutters (borrowed), $1-2 for magnets, and $1 for the glass rocks:

And I have decided to make Maiby a dolly blanket for her birthday, which is in 2 months, so I have plenty of time. I got the idea for a yo-yo covered blanket from Our Side Notes; I know one of the authors and they have great ideas - check it out. Also, as you can see in the pic, I bought a 'Quick' Yo Yo Maker, which I saw on Sewing With Nancy in the one episode I watched. Let me tell you, if you like yoyos, you will LOVE IT!! It takes just about 5 minutes start to finish for one yoyo. In the pic, I made these 4 (my first EVER) in about 30 minutes, and it just got quicker from there...and it was only about $3.50 - with a 40% JoAnn's coupon.

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