Sunday, February 27, 2011

Book Review - Tarzan of the Apes

I finished reading the 1st Tarzan book last week.  I had no idea that there was more than 2 when I picked it up from the library.  And I only knew there were two because there was another one on the shelf.

It was pretty good.  I can understand why it was so popular, and why he ended up writing more than one.  Do you know how many Tarzan books there are?  Well, if my memory serves me right, there were 22 written!  Twenty-two!!  Needless to say, I will not be reading them all.

Don't get me wrong - I liked the book, and am happy to say that I've read it.  But it just wasn't superb enough to make me want to read more.  Although it does kind of leave you hanging at the end, because he has come to America to get together with Jane, but she agrees to marry someone else (and the guy's even a relative of Tarzan's!). 

I thought it was great.  It explained things in an interesting way, as well as a believable way - so that it didn't seem to be too far of a stretch that a man raised by apes could teach himself to read, and be the perfect specimen of physical perfection. 

I would recommend this book to any reader - there's a little bit of violence (he grew up in the jungle!), but it's not graphic. 

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