Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

I've decided to try and do a sort of
Mommy School with my daughters (ages 3 and 0).
Obviously, the younger will not
be doing much in the beginning.

Although she is really good at being cute and talkative,
and screamy!

I tried to do this last fall, but we only did a couple of things before we decided to
move across the country (again).

So I started today.  We talked briefly about president's, 
mainly George Washington & Abraham Lincoln.

We made a few crafts (shown below), and tried to clean money.
Tried being the key word.

Picture 1, the money before the cleaning.

Picture 2, after.  The pennies are a little more shiny, but the nickels and quarter didn't change much.

We soaked the pennies in a small amount of lime juice with a couple drops of water, then rinsed.  The silver ones were cleaned with a cotton ball and baking soda/water paste.  The paste didn't work too well, BUT the cotton balls did get a little dirty.

Here's pictures of our crafts:
Lincoln's log cabins (we didn't have brown construction paper, so we used black)
Washington's cherry tree (drew a pic of a tree & dropped hole-punch cherries on glue)
And the other small one are coin rubbings.  We taped some coins
on the table and rubbed over with crayons.
And we also did silhouettes - but I think it makes our baby look like she's
a 2-year-old boy.  
Daddy & I also did those, but they are on the back.  And not as cute as the kids!

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